The Laundry's Finest Detergent

The Fine Art of Laundry Care Comes Home

We realize not everyone is as passionate about laundry care as we are. However, there are many who take pride in laundering their linens and garments at home the proper way, using the highest quality products available. That’s why we developed The Laundry’s Finest – a line of premium care and laundry products for the home, starting with our first product, THE LAUNDRY’S FINEST Laundry Powder. The Laundry’s Finest embodies our commitment to delivering full satisfaction in a detergent. Each product features our exclusive, time-tested formulas, and reflects our distinctive old-world artisan approach to laundry care. It’s the kind of assurance and quality that you’d expect from the foremost fine linen laundry in the country.

Gentle on Clothes, the Environment and You

⋅ 100% Pure Detergent ideal for daily use
⋅ Time tested for over 50 years
⋅ Formulated for all types of washers
⋅ pH balanced for prolonged fabric health
⋅ Organic surfactants that clean naturally
⋅ Cleans cleaner
⋅ Biodegradable & Non-phosphorus
⋅ No chemical additives
⋅ No bleach alternative that weakens fabric and breaks down fibers
⋅ No optical brightening agents that add a florescent dye over the fabric to artificially enhance the color
⋅ Optimum cleaning that works on everything



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